CandidATS is a leading open source applicant tracking system.

The new way of creating the recruitment process through Candidate APPLICATION TRACKING SYSTEM(CandidATS). It increases the efficiency of Recruitment Process. We enclose our CandidATS Screenshots, link for the comparison features and installation video link for your view. Please find the screenshots and link below.

We have developed a new career theme for the candidate’s career portal. We are ready to install this career theme link to your website directly. Please find the career theme screenshots below.

CandidATS Career Portal ThemeJob Description Page
Candidate Registration formCandidATS Login Screen




Comparison:  Comparison Features

Installation Video:

Can you please go through it and let me know if it suits you?


  • Fixing of PHP and MySQL compatibility issues freed from cost
  • Resume import improved
  • Can create a module-specific email template
  • All the prevailing features of CATS 0.9.1
  • Tested with PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.1
  • Search Filter Added
  • Bulk Resume In Candidates Search
  • Inbuilt DocX converter added. No external library needed
  • Inbuilt Doc converter added. No external library needed
  • Inbuilt PDF converter. No external library needed
  • PDO Support Added
  • Site Management interface Added.
  • Ability to transfer and replica the Candidate to a different site
  • Ability to transfer Company record to a different site
  • Sent EMail listed under the relevant module
  • Roles, Profiles, and Groups
  • Sharing Access
  • The theme is often developed for CandidATS by third-party
  • Modules are often developed for CandidATS by third-party
  • Language Support
  • Tag feature added