An applicant tracking system (ATS) can help small businesses automate, simplify and fasten the whole recruiting process from sourcing to testing and selecting the highest talents. With the assistance of ATS, recruiters can send regular updates to the candidate regarding the status of their application . this manner candidates feel more engaged during the whole recruiting process.

What is applicant tracking software?

Applicant tracking software helps to streamline the recruitment workflow by automating time-consuming tasks like resume filtering, candidate screening, and scheduling interviews.

ATS helps recruiters manage candidate data like personal details, demographic information, and salary expectations during a centralized location. this enables recruiters to manage candidate pipeline and track applicant status throughout the method of hiring.

Did you recognize that hiring a wrong employee could cost you a mean of $14,900 per year? Especially small businesses that are on a budget constraint, the value of a nasty hire are often devastating.

Types of Applicant Tracking Software

To select the proper ATS tool for your business, you initially got to understand the varied sorts of solutions within the market. subsequent section breaks down the foremost common sorts of ATS software:

Standalone ATS software: it’s installed on each system at the client’s site. A standalone ATS is configurable and has the power to tailor workflows, roles, and approvals to existing processes. If your business focued on advanced recruiting functionality, choose standalone ATS software.

Integrated ATS software: This software helps you to integrate applicant tracking module with the prevailing HR software or the other disparate systems. Small businesses that need a single software suite to implement multiple HR features, should consider integrated systems. An integrated software helps you to save lots of costs and stores all the HR data during a single database.

Common features of applicant tracking software

In this section, we’ve covered the key ATS software features that you simply should consider before purchasing an answer . Most small businesses will need most of those features.

Applicant tracking:Helps to trace candidates at each step of the hiring process, like screening, interview, selection, etc. The feature allows managers to supply feedback on an applicant’s profile post interview.
Applicant workflow:Automates the routine tasks like resume sourcing, candidate screening, and sending email notifications to candidates. The feature allows recruiters to feature applicant data in custom fields supported roles, education, and job status. this protects HR plenty of time and allows them to specialise in other essential tasks.

Candidate communications tracking:

Helps to take care of a record of the candidate interaction with the hiring team over various communication channels like phone, email, etc. The feature allows candidates to trace the status of their application in order that they’re engaged during the recruitment process.

Interview management:

Helps to trace , schedule, and manage candidate interviews. The feature helps recruiters to make a prebuilt set of interview questions and rating parameters to raised evaluate the applicants. Important applicant tracking integrations

Here are a number of the integrations that you simply should consider integrating into the ATS solution you purchase:

Social media platforms: Integrating social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook together with your ATS can assist you to post jobs on different social media channels in one go. Additionally, you’ll cash in of social media analytics to raised evaluate which social media platform yields better results for your hiring process.

Email communications tools: Integrate email communication tools, like Gmail or Outlook to trace the communication between recruiters and therefore the candidates. Additionally, for mass mailing campaigns, you would like to integrate with an email marketing software to send the hiring emails to multiple candidates.